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my PCP said that it is OK to try asthma inhaler, but since I do not have asthma it is unlikely to help.
My shortness is definitely related to GERD / stomach acid, since it goes away with exercise and is provoked by lying down and bending

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Could you do yourself a huge favor and visit a chiropractor? Just go and explain your situation, you might get mindblown.

I give myself weekly gamma globulin infusions for a suppressed immune system and have struggled all my life with infections. A client of my jewelry shop and I were talking about our lives and I described how sick I was from infections even with medications to support my immune function. 'She told me she uses colloidal silver. as soon as an infection or anything strange occurs. This is happening for 20 years, and the CS wipes it out, and she has been very healthy.. I looked CS up in the medical literature and talked to my infectious disease specialist, who had little insight into the merits of CS, although he used it for wound care. He otherwise. condemned it despite my story. Before I bought and used the CS, I joined a facebook CS group and watched posts for 3 months and pain. I think the CS may have saved my life. I was unable to stand up straight becausse of abdominal and kidney infections, had blood in my urine for 4 years, and was running a low grade temperature that never went away until I went on the antibiotics and CS. The antibiotics alone had stopped working and I was getting sicker and sicker even with my infusions. But with the CS added, I had a good response that helped heal an infected ear, both kidneys, chronic sinusitis, and bronchial problems. The CS helped to pass many parasites, and urinary tract stuff that the docs called interstitial cystitis improved. Another doc increased the gamma globulin Rx which made coming off the antibiotics and CS several months later possible without recurrences. There are still infections because I was vaccine injured from Modena 1, but I don't feel as if I am dying. My experience with CS has been positive with no downside. I turned two friends onto CS and they were grateful. Not all CS is ionic or reliable. I buy Sovereign Silver CS.10 ppm. Maybe this is too far fetched for anyone in a Mayo group, but nebuliznig CS, gargling, or drinking it is not going to hurt anyone, even young children or animals. I wonder if CS would help you?