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Squamous cell throat cancer

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Thanks @colleenyoung, I guess I’ve hit the cancer lottery. I just got all this news late late week and Im still waiting on the referral to the radiation oncologist and, yes, I have lots of questions. Im also looking to get a second opinion. But, I know from experience there is a cancer playbook and a flow chart for every cancer. Im sure thats where the recommendation is coming from. Im hoping to hear from others who may have gone through this, with or without radiation.

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Sir, I have a pea-sized, Stage 1 squamous cell HPV tumor in the base of my tongue. They too rule out surgery and I'm about half way thru six infusions of carboplatin & taxol plus 35 rounds of radiation. Based on your reduced chemo and rad recommendation, perhaps your issue is less serious than mine.

I understand your claustrophobic reluctance to have your head restrained for radiation. The soft plastic mesh mask with thousands of small holes is certainly an experience. But it assures them pinpoint accuracy to attack your cancer. Just make sure to tell them when they mold this mask around your head that you must be able to open your eyelids so you can see out. Yes, it's that tight. Ask them to explain what's going to happen to you during the process so that you can relax. Make them go slowly.

Now in my third week of treatment, my throat just began to restrict plus I have thick saliva that I must spit out often. There are meds that help with these side effects. So yes it has begun to suck – but it sure beats the alternative. My Doc has been wonderfully honest with me about the difficulties that lie ahead – but together we shall positively persevere. I have much to live for and miles to go before I sleep. I wish the same for you.