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I am undergoing excruciating pain in my left shoulder to the extent that I have to sleep upright or in a recliner. I would like to speak to a specialist before undergoing shoulder surgery. I would like to have another specialist go over my mri's and other x-rays .

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Hello @barbtom1961, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. While we are backed by Mayo Clinic, this is a community forum comprised of members such as yourself who “connect” with each other to help find answers and offer support.

Wow, your shoulder is sure demanding a lot of extra attention! I’m sorry you’re going through that level of pain. Was this from an injury?

I hope you don’t mind if I ask a few more questions just so I can get a better understanding of your situation.

Are you currently scheduled for shoulder surgery? It sounds like you’ve already had MRIs and other X-rays to get to the bottom of your shoulder pain. What was the diagnosis?

Are you not confident with your current specialist to correct your shoulder damage?

As a patient, you’re always entitled to a second opinion.
Are you asking for a second opinion from a Mayo Clinic? Here is our link to appointment requests. When you are on the site, you’ll be able to select the campus most convenient to you.

Have you tried contacting another specialist or larger medical college in your area?

Hi Barb, how are you doing today? Would you like more information about seeking a second opinion at Mayo Clinic?