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Diabetic Diet for type 2

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I'm 65 years old and just want to watch what I eat and exercise more. I've gotten the numbers down before and am sure I can do it again. I'm my worst enemy when it comes to sticking to things. All I know is when I had everything controlled I felt so much better. I can do it again.

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Hi, I'm 75 and pretty sure I've developed type 2 diabetes. My doctor retired, and the new doctor wants to see me in 6 mo. He's ordered many blood tests when I first contacted him, but when the A1C came back 6.7, I told him I'd like to try diet and exercise myself. Well, my life has become a CONSTANT state of stress, little sleep, fast food, moving and helping take care of my adult daughter who has numerous auto immune conditions. I use to be very active, but on the heavy side. I had a bad fall in 2019 and was in a wheelchair 6mo. I'm having trouble walking, so the exercise I do now is minimal. I use my Cubie, that allows me to bike (no handlebars) and count 5-10thousand steps each day. I lost my husband unexpectedly, so I have no other help. Enough complaining. I just wanted to know if you can have neuropathy in your feet and ankles without having pain. I feel like my feet and ankles are wrapped very tightly in ace bandages and I'm walking on crumbled up paper, but I have no pain. I've also put on 20 lbs since this all began about 3yrs. ago. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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