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Diabetic Diet for type 2

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Diabetes is a serious disease that absolutely requires "fussing with". Once you have it that "fussing" begins and never stops! However, "fussing" begins with regular testing of one's glucose levels which informs one as to how their body functions/reacts to various factors. It can be very interesting and surprising as to what factors are involved. Such factors can vary greatly from one individual to another. However, this provides one a learning experience from which to grow from and respond to. Also, this provides one with help as to what medication needs are called for in addressing their diabetic disease. However, bear in mind Big Pharma loves the diabetic population which it continually deluges with rather dangerous advertisements on supplements that always seemingly have a limited life because of serious side effects.
Yes, hopefully help is around the corner from somewhere that will give the diabetic world some relief from this required "fussing" or at least lessen it somewhat. It could be that DMR ( Duodinal Mucosal Resurfacing (sp?)) could be that help. Testing is presently taking place in the US. It has been approved in the EU. We shall see. Big Pharma will undoubtedly not support that effort.
So, keep on "fussing". Yes, wisely but keep at it and good luck!

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When I originally was diagnosed I immediately changed my diet and exercise program. My A1C was 10.2 originally and within 4 months I had it down to 5.8. This is what I want to go back to doing. The only reason that I went off the wagon was due to Covid and a couple of people with negative comments. So I'm going to try again. Thanks for the encouragement.

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