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I received the vaccine ( Moderna ) back in May and yes I have been dealing with a couple of bad ulcer on my left leg for the past 5 weeks. I really don't know if the vaccine has anything to do with it but it has been 8 years since I had bad ulcers to the point where I've been going to the wound care clinic for treatment.
The wounds are finally healing, very slow but they are healing.

I'm still planning on going to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville but I really don't know who should I reach out to. I though I had to find a Hematologist but in recent research I found out that a Dermatologist should be the specialist when seeking for treatment

any advice would be appreciated.

thank you

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Hi Yoan, thank you for replying. Hard to know if it’s related to the vaccine or not but I’m sorry to hear about the flare-up of your LV. I’d never heard of this condition before until I responded to @ykh128 about her daughter having Lividoid vasculopathy. It sounds so painful and really difficult to deal with. What does your wound care entail?

From what I’ve been reading it looks as though a dermatologist is generally the specialist who works with this condition. If you’d like to see a doctor at Mayo Clinic~Jacksonville here is the link to their appointment request page.
You’ll find the phone number for the Jacksonville campus. A simple phone call will get the ball rolling. The coordinator on the phone will be able to direct you to the correct department. Or if you prefer there is an online link on that pages as well.

Do you see a local provider for your LV? It isn’t necessary but it can help securing an appointment with a referral from your physician.

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