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Thank you for reply,@loribmt. Currently she is taking Vitamin C 1000mg and Riboflavin 100mg by a Day. We asked her Dermatologist for Covid19 Vaccine at July. He said doesn't know how her body will react for Covid19 vaccine. Also if she may have a Covid19, it may be mild case because she is young. But it's difficult say her reaction for.Covid19 too. he said It's her decision for taking vaccine. We will try to ask her Dermatologist again. Thank you so much.

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You’re most welcome. I wish there were definitive answers for you because I know that feeling of uncertainty too. So many unknowns with this virus but one fact is that the vaccine works in preventing and slowing down the advancement of the virus and milder breakthrough cases for people who have been vaccinated.

I found some previous discussions on LV that you might find interesting.

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Will you let us know what you decide to do? We all learn by sharing on Connect.

I’d like invite a few members who have LV into this discussion.

Hi, @yoan02 @zenk @ruthnz @curtismiller, have any of you received the Covid -19 vaccination? If so, did you find any worsening symptoms with your LV? @ykh128 would be interested to hear about any reactions you might have had to the vaccine.

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