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Hi @ykh128 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. While we’re backed by Mayo Clinic we are a community forum comprised of members such as yourself who “connect” with each other to help find answers, so we can’t diagnosis medical issues or offer treatments.

You’re posing a really tough question regarding the Covid-19 vaccination for your daughter. It’s really impossible to know how her Lividoid Vasculopathy would react to the vaccine, as well as how she would react to getting the virus itself. From the number of people we see in our Connect forum, long haul Covid symptoms from the virus can be pretty debilitating making a really firm justification for getting the vaccine to help our bodies to be ready to launch an attack should we become exposed to the virus. Vaccinated people, if they do contract the virus, tend to have a more mild case with less side effects. Unfortunately, the vaccine can also trigger some reactions in preexisting conditions, but generally those are short lived. There is really no way of predicting how each person will respond.

Is your daughter receiving any treatment for her LV? It really would be best if she contacted her primary care provider to get an answer based on her current medical state. Have you checked with her physician?

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Thank you for reply,@loribmt. Currently she is taking Vitamin C 1000mg and Riboflavin 100mg by a Day. We asked her Dermatologist for Covid19 Vaccine at July. He said doesn't know how her body will react for Covid19 vaccine. Also if she may have a Covid19, it may be mild case because she is young. But it's difficult say her reaction for.Covid19 too. he said It's her decision for taking vaccine. We will try to ask her Dermatologist again. Thank you so much.

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