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Hi @jrlynch, do you suspect that you may have apathy syndrome?

@limorris, what type of brain tumor did you have? How do you manage the side effect of apathy?

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My research is for my brother. A Neurosurgeon placed a stent in his brain to alleviate pressure cause by excess cerebral fluid a condition called “normal pressure hydrocephalus”. Since then he has exhibited symptoms of Apathy including dizziness with nausea and vomiting, and constant sleeping. Doctors here cannot find any reasons for his condition. That’s why I am researching Apathy Syndrome.

Hi Colleen, I’m so sorry for the overdue response to your questions. I was not in a good environnement when I was approached about my experiences. I couldn’t see myself adding something else but that is all in the process of being resolved. I can only move forward and hopefully make an impact for those who had approached me and for future patients with struggles.
I had a pituitary adenoma diagnosed in 2000, 2 years post partum. It was a growth hormone secreting adenoma, causing acromegaly. It required 4 surgeries due to it’s location, sitting against my carotid artery so they couldn’t remove it. Simply scrape it as they would say. Finally, it 2011, it was small enough that radiation was able to eradicate it. I’m still monitored closely by the Pituitary Clinic in Halifax Nova Scotia in Canada. Last tests this past Summer were still all clear. It’s been a year that I’m free of all meds to control my growth hormone levels 🙏🏼

The psychological issues associated with this, as you all know, are something else. Not much was known about it back then.
It took years for me to want to become my own advocate. This gentleman from the US had seen one of my posts about apathy and he said his life changed when he started taking Ritalin under his doctor’s care of course.
This is where I decided to do some research. I came across an article in the New England Journal of Medecine, I believe from 2005, it discussed apathy and CHRONIC FATIGUE syndrome. I thought to myself, that so describes me! I continued reading about the use of stimulants to treat this condition.
I approached my GP yes, my GP, sending her this medically supported research and treatment.
I told her that I wanted to come off my antidepressants cause I really didn’t think I was depressed, what I was experiencing was felt like something else but can be mistaken for depression.
I said that I wanted to start treatment with a stimulant, thankfully she was open to my suggestion. She explained that Ritalin was not the best in my case but Vyvance would be more effective with my symptoms. This took place over a period of 2-3 months. ** Please know that you can’t come off antidepressants all of a sudden, dose has to be lowered slowly under doctor’s surveillance. Only then, was Vyvance initiated, again, small doses and very gradually. FYI, even though I’m an RN, I know better not to attempt this on my own.

Once on right dose, the difference in my energy level, motivation and even focus was unbelievable. I no longer needed daily 2-3 hour naps even though I slept well all night. That was something that I had mentioned to my GP that I was sleeping my life away.

All I can say is I wish I would’ve had this 20 years ago, especially when I was a new mom and working. Looking back, I don’t know how I did it.
All I can say, is this changed my life and if it can offer you any hope, that would make it all worthwhile ☺️