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Too much cold air entering the nostrils

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I had a Septoplasty, and about 4 months later, I had Balloon Sinuplasty, on the left sinus, due to it being squeezed together because of the deviated septum. Prior to the Septoplasty, I was having bad migraines and just feeling horrible. I would equate the misery that I was felling to having a really bad sinus infection, though I'm not really sure if that's an accurate description of the misery I felt. It was terrible sinus pressure, that became constantly. This went on for about 5 years. After so many different medications, my primary care doctor sent me to an ENT. After a CT scan of my sinuses, I found out that I had a deviated septum. So I had septoplasty. After my septoplasty, I felt almost back to normal for 1 month exactly to the day. Then my sinus pressure and misery came back, which led me to get the Balloon Sinuplasty. And I don't think the Sinuplasty has helped me at all, because I still feel tremendous sinus pressure, and misery. I saw a different ENT this past Friday. He says he can't find anything wrong with my sinuses, and that my Septoplasty and Ballon Sinuplasty surgery, that the other ENT did, looks great, and that my sinuses also look great. He recommended that I limit analgesics to about twice a week and continue with nasal antibiotics (prescription Flonase) and nasal rinses. I go back to see him in about 5 weeks. What I think is, my left sinus, the one in the back, (sorry, I'm sure what it's called), isn't draining properly, and is causing my misery. I also think, the left nostril again, is open too much, and I'm breathing too much air in, which is causing further problems for me, although the ENT says, both of theses are not true.

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I meant to ask the ENT if I had a damaged Turbinate, that other people have mentioned about here, from my Sinuplasty surgery, but I completely forgot. I'll try to remember to ask him the next time I see him.