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Hello there cdcfbw.
I will be having the markers and spaceoar inserted the first week of October at Mayo Jacksonville. My urologist suggested I do IMRT which I was trying to avoid but the Jacksonville facility doesn’t have a proton treatment yet. I will be getting 20 treatments and no ADT. The radiologist told me I didn’t have to take the ADT. I was wondering if you had a choice of radiation where you had treatment? Was it at a Mayo hospital? I’m afraid of having side effects down the road. I hope the doctors know what they are doing as I’m putting my future in their hands. I hope you well.

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I didn't really have a choice as to the type of radiation (or I should say I didn't ASK for a choice). My urologist recommended a Dr. that runs the radiation dept. at Memorial Hermann hosp. here in Houston where I did mine. My urologist is also in the same hosp. system. I must say I was putting all my confidence in my urologist as to my best course of treatment so I hope I made the right choice. I finished the 2nd of July with 39 treatments and so far so good. You are lucky you will not need ADT as that stuff is rough on some people. Good luck with your journey and remember all treatments will have some side effects, I looked at my history with drugs I have taken over the yrs and I have had none to very few side effects so hopefully this will be the case with my radiation.

I looked into the proton, and the MRI guided radiotherapy. I have decided to go with the MRI guided radiotherapy, because the side effects seemed a little less than the Proton as I was told the proton can cause bowel issues. I felt a little more comfortable with the MriDian and it’s ability to stop if my prostate moved at all, which evidently is a common issue, even just lying on the table. I am also in Florida, where Orlando health has both machines so either was an option. It is a hard choice.