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@jwillits8 Yes, sometimes it seems that Mayo and most similar orgs are only helpful for the medicos who sign on with them and collect pay. That is why I ended up getting my own genome analysis, even though it is only a partial and cost me extra money. However, some of the houses are either free or inexpensive. Ambry Genetics is a good place to start. Some places would be good if they would choose to work with insurances, such as medicare. Until they do, their service must be considered second-rate. Now, about your case. My first bet would be some form of Myeloma, probably Amyloidosis. The narrowing function goes this way: Cancer > Myeloma > Amyloidosis > (Gelsolin {GSN}, Apolipoprotein, Lect2, LAMA2, etc.) A second train would by a Congenital Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy {LGMD}, a Neuro-Muscular Disease which is closely related to Myeloma. Types I suspect in your case include such as Duchenne, Fukuyama {FKRP}, Fukutin {FKTN, probably with Walker-Warburg}, etc. most of this stuff, you can get directly from various internet sources, such as National Institutes of Health (NIH), or groups such as http://www.OMIM.org/entry/GSN (XXXX). Now, don't let anyone tell you that you just have anxiety. Jackson Labs Human phenotype Ontology database is a fantastic source for frustrated, sick people such as you and I. But do try Ambrygen.com, and get the choice of tests. Or get the mini-analysis for about $70 from Sequencing, Apollo, etc. Or, if you can afford it on your own, bet the whole (100%) sequencing from Sequencing.com, or one of the others.

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@oldkarl I’m waiting on results from the mini sequencing.com

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