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Understood. Keep persevering Joanne and being your own advocate. That's what it takes when things get complicated. You got this!

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What is so sad and frustrating is that my neurologist in Tampa Florida knows all of these symptoms that I've been suffering with for almost 2 years now November 2019, he is aware of all these what appear like neurological symptoms and sensory overload sensations yet he's never done a small fiber biopsy never even talked about it and he's never requested to do an MRI of my spine to see if I have any herniated disc that are impinging upon my spinal cord etc. I do not understand why these specialist just want to immediately blame it on anxiety and send you on your way to start taking anxiety medicine which I refuse to do. This is the second neurologist I've seen when was in Augusta Georgia and he never did or even talked about a small fiber biopsy or doing an MRI on my spine. The neurologist in Augusta did do an MRI of my cervical neck and it found that I have cervical stenosis and myelopathy of my neck and in some areas around C5 and C6 there is reduction of the spinal fluid that runs along both sides of the spinal column that then are that spinal fluids to continue down both sides of your spine and it shows a narrowing of the spinal fluid in my neck on the MRI. That's the only bona fide legitimate diagnosis I have over 2 years is cervical stenosis and myelopathy of the neck with calcification of the vertebraes.

The endocrinologist here in Lakeland Florida did do as thorough testing as she could do and from an endocrinologist standpoint she could not find anything wrong. My family doctor is the doctor that all these specialists are pushing me back on.

I feel like these specialists do not want a complicated patient they want something quick and easy that they can see on an x-ray etc and anything complicated they don't want to be bothered with and they pawn you back off on your family doctor. That is what's happened to me right now. The neurologist has pushed me back on my family doctor when all my symptoms are of a neurological issue.

I have just never been so let down over the last two years from cardiologist to neurologist that absolutely have no clue What's going on but a lot of the tests that they could have done on me they never did. Like the small fiber biopsy or the MRI of my lumbar and thoracic spine. Yet now Blue Cross Blue shield is refusing to approve an MRI of my spine even though a lot of my symptoms could be coming from my spinal cord. So I've been let down not only by many doctors but Blue Cross Blue shield.

I have been reading over the last one year from people around the world that have the same symptoms that I have it's almost like I wrote their post yet it's their symptoms but it's mine as well yet none of these doctors know what's going on or they just don't want to be bothered. And then when you push them to do a test that they should do willingly they get annoyed they get very annoyed and they're nurses get very annoyed with the patient.

What is going on with the medical system in the United States?

For me to go to the Mayo clinic I would have to have an approval from Blue Cross Blue shield and at this point I do not trust them anymore they do not have my well-being and safety in mind. All it is to them is cost cutting and if that means that I suffer or that I die from whatever is causing these symptoms will Blue Cross Blue shield just does not care in my opinion.

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