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I did not have "proton beam", I had "external beam". I am doing fine now 2mo. after finishing and my psa was <0.1 undetectable. I understand side effects may not occur for months or years after. My PC was detected last year and went on AS until Jan./2021 when it progressed to Gl 7,4+3 from Gl 6 3+3. I am also on final 2 months of ADT (Lupron) and I will certainly be glad to get off that. Doing good overall though.
I hope you are good with the decision you make, we are all different and react in different ways to treatments so good luck to you & hope you do well!

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Hello there cdcfbw.
I will be having the markers and spaceoar inserted the first week of October at Mayo Jacksonville. My urologist suggested I do IMRT which I was trying to avoid but the Jacksonville facility doesn’t have a proton treatment yet. I will be getting 20 treatments and no ADT. The radiologist told me I didn’t have to take the ADT. I was wondering if you had a choice of radiation where you had treatment? Was it at a Mayo hospital? I’m afraid of having side effects down the road. I hope the doctors know what they are doing as I’m putting my future in their hands. I hope you well.