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Not the results I achieved. The colitis continued to get worse until I reached a pointed where I had to have my colon and ultimately my rectum removed. Even 4 years after the surgery, I am still experiencing pressure and extreme discomfort in the rectal area and elsewhere in my abdomen. Wonder if any of the medications used to treat colitis are effective long term or perhaps not at all.

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HI..I have had a bad flare of ulcerative colitis..got it when I got Covid december 2021..I have been very ill with it..just had two hospitalizations in a month..missed alot of work, passed out or fainted at work..the doctor that did my colonoscopy last week said that probably happened due to all the inflammation that I had and the colitis had not been treated, or from all the immodium and the budesonide they had me taking. They also prescribed Mesalamine products , which I had many side effects from, then they wanted to push ENTYVIO on me without even doing a colonoscopy first to see what the was causing all my problems. I finally got a doctor to listen to me last week when I was hospitalized again, and he did a colonoscopy on me as soon as they could get the prep done, I have to have another colonoscopy in three months . I see the doctor tomorrow. I would love to connect with you and others regarding the Entyvio. I also have long covid syndrome and feel this was the culprit to me getting so ill. I did have numerous polyps, now awaiting the biopsies reports. I feel like you also. Sincerely..Kitty2