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Constipation and Parkinson’s.

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Ever since I was a child I grew up with up with what is called an American Bidet. You remove your existing toilet seat and replace with this toilet seat that squirts warm warm water either at or up your rectum to stimulate your system. As I have gotten older and I am on many different medications and I have CKD at Stage 3 and PD having this toilet seat is a God Sent Blessing! I only know of this device because my father needed one while I was growing up. Once he loved it he place one on every toilet in every home we owned. The brand name is Bio Bidet and you can find them at Lowe’s Home Improvement or on Amazon. Just pick the model you desire and off you will be going!

Another thing I also do is make a papaya smoothie. Papaya is a natural fiber and is GREAT for making people go. If she is eating nuts or peanut butter stop that will bound anyone up very quickly! Here is what I like to make but before you anything check with her doctor first:
1/4 fresh papaya
1/2 cup fresh or frozen strawberries
1 cup frozen mixed berries
1/2 fresh mango
4 ice cubes
And blend it all together in a blender. I absolutely love it!
Most doctors are Not familiar with the bidets so I’m not sure what his/her opinion will be but it beats more pills! I’ve using a bidet since I was around 12 and I hate being without one. Once your use one and get used to it you will be hooked forever. You will never want to leave your home again!

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Based on your bidet recommendation, I've discovered that four friends have them and, like you, rave about theirs. I just bought a TOTO bidet and am about to install it. I expect my wife will share your enthusiasm about it. Also, we're going to adopt your smoothie recipe. Much thanks. Phil