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Recently diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis

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Hello Sean @seanmay23, I can help with some information on how to utilize Connect. Connect has a Get Started on Mayo Clinic Connect guide that has tips on how to use this site. There is a link to the guide in the left footer column on each Connect page that takes you here — https://connect.mayoclinic.org/get-started-on-connect/

I did a search on Connect and could not find any members who have discussed Kesimpta but I was able to find some recent information that may be helpful – Kesimpta: Cost, uses, dosage, side effects, and more: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/drugs-kesimpta

I think you are asking a good question about being on the medication for 3 months with no results. It helps me to plan my conversations with the doctor before my appointment. Here is a website that has helped me with some tools for planning my doctor visit conversation – https://patientrevolution.org/visit-tools

Have you had a chance to discuss it with your doctor or neurologist?

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Thanks for the response and tips on using Connect.
Just now knowing there's not many discussing Kesimpta is informative.
As far as using the site, I think replies are a good start. I have a 3 month appointment coming up to meet with my neurologist to discuss the medication.
I could really use any suggestions on bringing up another medication that has worked for someone else. However however, I have been a subcontractor for so long and do not have insurance. I need to keep that in mind always.I found her disability after I found out the diagnosis.I have an attorney but the process is still slow. My wife and I are hemorrhaging money on doctor's medications et cetera