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Constipation and Parkinson’s.

Parkinson's Disease | Last Active: May 22, 2023 | Replies (54)

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My wife (82) currently sees a neurologist MD, a neurologist PA plus a gastroenterologist for PD constipation problems--spasms mostly which trigger tremors, anxiety, body rigidity, voice whisper, et al. Her approach is to lie down with a hot pad on her abdomen. The spasms abate in a few hours only to return a few hours later. She takes Amitiza (24mg) for constipation and Dycyclomine (20 mg) for spasms. (Results?) It's been suggested she consider seeing a gastroenterologist with a background in PD treatment.

I reflect on all that I continue to read about pelvic floor dysfunction and haven't come upon a GI doc with a background in PD who has made a reported difference. The idea of seeing one has appeal but it would mean a 5 hr drive and my wife and I aren't convinced that seeing a GI doc who's familiar with PD would make a difference.

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@telios Hello Phil,

Good to hear from you again. I'm sorry to hear that your wife is still dealing with these spasms, tremors, and constipation.

From your post, I see that you aren't convinced that seeing the GI specialist with an interest in PD is not your best answer right now. I'm wondering if you have considered Pelvic Floor Therapy (PFT)?

PFT is done by physical therapists with a special interest and training in urinary and bowel disorders such as chronic constipation. If your wife has not seen a pelvic floor therapist, you might consider scheduling a consult with one to see if they could help her.

I would also like to invite @rockwood to this discussion as her husband is dealing with this same problem.

@telios, Has your wife seen a pelvic floor therapist?