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Troubling PET scan report

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@colleenyoung , than you for the link to the blog post. it does contain some useful information but, overall, it appears to be a blatant attempt to get me to sign up for an unsolicited second opinion when I haven't even had a first opinion, yet. I'm sure this second opinion is accompanied by a hefty fee which I doubt is covered by Medicare.

After having a baseball sized tumor removed and undergoing chemo two years ago, of course I'm concerned about my PET scan results. But I don't appreciate the attempt to prey on the worried for an unsolicited "second opinion" from some unknown internet doctor. Thanks but no thanks.

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Oh man, @fwpoole. You're right. That website is really pushing their services. I was focusing on the plain language explanation of the FDG PET scan, which the article does very well.

As I suggested in my original message, only your oncologist can properly interpret the complete results of the PET scan together with other tests that you've had or will have.

Were you able send a message to your oncologist or call to make an appointment?

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