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I had it done for T4 T5 T6 T7 about 6 months ago. I have a bulging disc. It was a very painful procedure as the surgeon I use doesn't knock you out and afterwards I was in the most horrific pain I have ever been in, in my back. needless to say, it did not work at all. I just had it done again yesterday and he gave me xanex to take 1 hour before and some Norco to take after and the pain for the procedure was still a little painful but I was not in tears for hours after the procedure and I was able to sleep last night. I don't know if this will work this time or not but hoping so. 4 months prior to all of this, I had a nerve block which did nothing other than reduce my pocket book.
Wondering if anyone else has the same issues and found relief?
I do have arthritis in my low back and some hip issues. tear in my left hip as well as calcium deposits on both hips and arthritis on my hips. I was in a major car accident 2.5 years ago that caused the tear as well as my bulging disc. My pain was manageable prior to accident and now my mid/upper back just burns all the time and my hips cause my legs to give out and I fall. I have now had cortisone shots in both hip/legs and I can finally walk again. But I cannot seem to manage my mid/upper back pain no matter what. I take gabapentin which seems to help tremendously and I sleep great, but I can't take it during the day even on lower doses because it knocks me out and I have kids and young grandchildren that I watch and drive around. I'm beginning to feel like there is no hope. I used to love to hike and golf and play with the kids and now I feel like my life is so altered. I'm desperate to try anything that may have helped anyone. thank you!

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Hello and welcome, @tesiakylie. You have been through quite a lot with the multiple procedures and it sounds like you have a family that keeps you busy, so it is easy to see why you would like to find something to improve your pain during the day.

Have you shared this with your doctor and has he/she offered you an alternative option?

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