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Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group

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Next step is to resume Sotalol 40MG 2x daily. Side effects are low heart rate and a few things that are tolerable. Possible pacemaker. What is most challenging for me is maintaining my daily routine when in AFIB. I feel so awful and just want to sit and usually don't feel good the day after also.

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What are your symptoms when in afib? Could you explain how you feel the day after or so.
I was diagnosed with Afib last March. Couldn't tolerate Eliquis, now on Xarelto. Had open heart surgery last July at Mayo Clinic, Rochesyet, MN, to remove obstruction due to HOCM (Hypertrophic obstuctive cardiomyopathy) and went into third bundle block right after/during surgery so needed ICD (Implantable Cardiac Device which is both a defibulator and a pacemaker), which I had put in 5 days later, also at Mayo's in Rochester after the septal myoectomy, pulmonary ablation.
I send transmissions to my Electrophysiologists here in my hometown when I'm feeling lousy and sometimes they see something and other times nothing. My Dr started me on Amiodarone for some short runs of SV. I'm not happy about being on Amiodarone but was afraid and just started taking it because my Dr said I needed it.
I'd also like comments on anyone taking Amiodarone or was taking it but put on something else due to long term toxicity effects on other organs. I read it is a reliable antirythmic medication for irregular heart rhythms and many Dr's use it as the "go to" med because it works on most everyone but long term, not so good being on the med. Other meds besides Amiodarone anyone has used?
Thanks to all who read this long post.🎃