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Prolia treatment for osteoporosis

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I can understand your concern about osteoporosis drugs. I had tried a couple which I could not tolerate until the doctor gave me prolia. When I asked about side effects, he said: "not much of any." How wrong! (By the way, I have very high risk osteoporosis.) My legs ached all the time – worse when lying down and I was becoming ever more limited every day. My hair started falling out – it has receded about 2" around my face. Then, I did some investigating on my own about other people's experience and all of my symptons were connected to prolia. It contains (as do almost all of the osteoporosis drugs) the same chemotherapy drugs as used for cancer. I will now exercise, take calcium and Vitamin D but never another osteoporosis drug. I had my doctor calculate my risk of a broken bone or hip without those drugs – over the next 10 years I have a 10% chance of breaking a hip and a 25% chance of breaking any bone. I will take those odds. I walk 3 miles a day and exercise. I am NOT saying you should do as I do, but living without the pain and burden of side effects is what I decided to do.
Good luck and do a lot of research before making your decision, Kaye

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A question for sewcouture: have the side effects begun to ease up since you stopped prolia?

Yes, drugs can and do have side effects and they're different for everyone. Of course, as I stated in my own original post, driving a car (or riding in one) carries risks too. So does living life in general. My hair is thinning on top (and yes I take Prolia and have for 6 years now) but my late mother's hair was also thinning on top as she grew older and she never took Prolia! Many things are in fact genetic. My mother had osteoporosis and smoked in her early years, did not take supplements, etc., and ended up breaking her pelvis. I on the other hand NEVER smoked, took calcium and Vitamin D for decades, exercised, etc., and still ended up with osteoporosis. Ah genetics! I also have high cholesterol and that began long before I ever even heard of Prolia. Anyway, I am not fond of taking drugs but I'm also not fond of the things that could happen if I don't take them. I am gearing up for cataract surgery; these began long before I ever heard of Prolia and let's be honest, most people do get cataracts as they age. Am I concerned that all will go well? Yes, of course but the surgery is one of the safest there is. Could some unforeseen issue occur? Of course. Is Covid a concern during all this? Yes! I've been vaccinated but still it's a worry to be sure. Will that stop me from having the surgery and just deciding to go blind? Absolutely Not!

Indeed everyone must make their own decisions with regard to their healthcare but in my nearly seven decades on this Earth, I have come to realize that life is a series of risks (like just getting up in the morning, for instance) and rewards. I think it was Helen Keller who said: "Life is a daring adventure – or nothing." I have come to discover the truth behind this.

Estoy a punto de tomar la misma decisión,no me gusta eh gimnasio si bailar, pero bueno tendré que hacerlo con el deseo de

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