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Smart watch to monitor heart

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I'm 6 mos into fib/flutter, 7 wks post ablation with continuing rhythm issues. I know that's a short period but I am trying to figure this out. I am ready to purchase a smartwatch that can detect fib and hopefully other issues. There are many watches and claims but I wonder if anyone is using one?

I have an Abbott "Insertable cardiac monitor" ($9,500) implanted which only detects fib and to my chagrin is only reports to my electrophysiologist.

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I was diagnosed with AFIB in May 2020 and after 2 echo cardiogram and an ablation in Oct 20 with further drug treatment, I finally achieved normal sinus rthymn in mid Jan 21. I monitor this status daily with FITBIT Sense smartwatch. The reason I went with the FITBIT Sense was it was one of the first along with Apple to have the approved FDA ECG app about Nov 20. I did not want to use the Apple smartwatch since it would require me to also purchase the Apple cellphone ( I had just gotten an new Android cell phone in Aug 20). Cost and ease was my reasons for FITBIT. All monitoring app software require a either a monthly or annual subscription, even the one advertised on Amazon ($180) for their device to self monitor AFIB.

@wa34937, this is such a great discussion topic – smart watches, wearables and apps to track heart rate, heart rhythms issues and activity levels. You'll notice that I moved your posts to this existing discussion called "Smart watch to monitor heart" that @nene22 started a while back. I think you'll appreciate the feedback and recommendations from members like @rainyday541 @judyrich @dogmom1 @ronbyrd @elwood @mayofeb2020 @johnbishop @lizzy102 @galevin. @mhanso83 thanks for adding your recommendation and explaining how you use FitBit.

How's everyone doing with their tracking device of choice? What are the pros and cons of your choices?

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