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Transplant: Swimming pool okay?

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I had a stem cell transplant 5 years ago. I don’t feel safe swimming in lakes, oceans and rivers, but I can control the chemicals in my own pool and haven’t had any pool related infections so far. I wear long sleeve swimming shirt and long swimming pants to protect my skin from the sun. I always shower after I swim.

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Good morning @alive Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I love your @name…Alive! That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? Congratulations on your transplant of 5 years ago. Milestones such as yours gives hope and inspiration for the rest of us newbies. That’s what Connect is all about; Members coming together, sharing their journeys and experiences to encourage, assist and offer hope to other members facing similar situations.

Thank you sharing your experiences of pool swimming. Since I’m not to that point yet, I’ve had no experience to share regarding chlorinated pools. I do know that rivers, lakes, oceans are taboo still. I’m 2 years post transplant so still being cautious.

It’s great to have another SCT member join our ranks. I know there are growing numbers of us out there but few in our discussion group. Would you mind sharing your cancer journey and what led you to getting a transplant?

Here are 3 links to group discussions on SCT/BMT & Graft Vs Host Disease.
What were you searching for that brought you to Connect?

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