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Is depression permanent?

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@bobby00 Hi and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Going from 2 medicines to 4 must have been a big change. There are a significant amount of members that have had similar experiences which is why I moved your post to this discussion. I wanted you to be able to connect with with people like @jesfactsmon, @marjou and @lorirenee1

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Do you currently have a therapist that you are seeing to discuss the medication and its lack of effectiveness?

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Thank you Amanda. I do have a psychiatrist and she was hoping that the parathyroid surgery would help in my recovery. I am only slightly better. I am eating a little better, my blood pressure is better and I am a little stronger. But now I am developing aching joints on top of everything. She thought that the combination of seraquel and cymbalta was causing it so she switched me from cymbalta to trintellix 3 weeks ago but the joints are still aching and growing worse. Blood tests do not show any auto-immune diseases. Before the surgery she tried Ambilify, Vreylar and Latuda so maybe it is worth trying them again. Somehow, I think because my body chemistry has changed from the surgery I should try reducing everything. That’s why I am reaching out to see if anyone with Bipolar has had this surgery and what their doctor did to adjust their medications afterward.

Thank you for the links. I will look into them.

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