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Hi Carol. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I have actually had 4 surgeries for endometriosis, a surgery for an ovarian torsion and recently a hysterectomy. I hadn't thought of the few things you suggested but I think I am going to see if I can get an ultrasound of my pelvis- that may give some good insight. I am so sorry to hear what you are dealing with and hope today you are having a good day. Joanna

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Since you have had those surgeries you should definitely be checked out by your gynecologist too.

A few years back I had low pain on my left side.. lower than my occasional diverticulitis. I did get checked out by a gynecologist and he ordered a CT scan and it showed the diverticulitis and wall thickening. I thought it could be something to do with the hysterectomy I had many years ago. Sometimes the symptoms are confusing to me. When you think it is one thing it is another or more.


Hi Joanna - Your pain is real and I know it is frightening when you seem not to be able to do much about it. Talking on Connect will help. Have you talked with a physician about abdominal adhesions? As you probably know, entometriosis in itself is the growth of abnormal tissue in the pelvic cavity. Any time you have abdominal surgery, you accumulate more adhesions. So with 6 abdominal surgeries, I think you have massive adhesions. I had 7 abdominal surgeries and was filled with adhesions. Eventually, they resulted in an obstructed bowel (twice), NG tube, hospitalization for 10 days, and recurring problems. Very difficult to diagnose, but extremely painful. Doctors really didn't have many suggestions. I finally got things under control by eliminating some foods from my diet and using an OTC product. Digestive issues are very perplexing. Don't give up! Keep us informed as you progress - these Connect chats can be invaluable. I hope today is a good day, Sue

I would have ultrasound done of abdomen and pelvis. Sometimes nerve damage very hard to find and diagnosis. I have injections in my lower right abdomen and pelvis. For me this started in 1987 when had hysterectomy. So much scar tissue (removed 3 times) for nerves to get entrapped in. My pain doc i see now told me never let them take out scar tissue, it just causes more. The 1st time I had removed was pushing on my colon and bladder. I couldn't eat a meal without running to bath in middle of meal since was pushing on colon so bad. Lost some weight, just not fun way to do.
Keep me updated. Anytime you want to chat, let me know.
Where are you located?
I'm just outside Kansas City, Missouri.