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Are those the only test you have had? They are good for diagnosis, but the scopes cannot cover the entire intestinal track. they should at minimal add a CT scan.

If you cannot get answers from your doctors if possible seek better doctors in another nearby city. Right now with covid still ongoing it may be difficult to get an appointment. If you have to go to an emergency room.

Please write your symptoms in a journal if you are not already. If you haven't right down notes …. when symptoms began, what makes it better what makes it worse. Once you catch up write it down everyday.. what you ate, bowel habits.. is the pain traveling or in one spot.. do you have a fever.

As Sue said a heating pad will help. .. and there are so many things it could be..a journal will help in diagnosis. I make an outline of my journal before my doctor visits and questions for the doctor. My husband goes with he and he takes notes.


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Hello @jojo13,

I agree with @fourof5zs, that keeping of journal of everything that you eat and do along with the discomfort you experience is a great idea. Have you tried the Fodmap eating plan? For the first month, you eliminate a number of foods and then add back foods one at a time. For the first month, the eating plan eliminates gluten and dairy which are foods that can cause serious digestive tract problems. Please do not negate the power of changing your eating habits as a way of controlling your symptoms.

I would also like to invite @thull to this conversation as she has had multiple surgeries of the lower digestive tract and she might be able to offer some suggestions as well.