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As the world turns, my saga is not yet over. I ended up talking to a very competent nurse on the Living Donor Team, as I wanted to know the reasons for my rejection. They are, first, I periodically take ibuprofen, and second, at long intervals I have used meglimine flunixin to treat joint pain. (This is -ahem- a livestock drug. The nurse did not seem to share my belief that "cows are mammals, I'm a mammal, so no problem"). At any rate, if I stay off those two for a month, my potential donation status could be reconsidered.

A logistical problem I would need to address is that I live by myself, and my cat doesn't drive, so post-donation care is something I would have to think through carefully.
Just an update, as there are members here who have been helpful to me as things have gone along.

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@cowguy I am glad you pursued the reasons for the rejection. As someone formerly involved in training racehorses, I am very familiar with using some things labeled for animals, on myself, especially muscle rubs! Will you be able to stay off those for a couple of months, to be reevaluated? Your honesty with the transplant team must be something they found positive.

Do you have friends or family in the area to give you a hand if you are cleared to donate? Any co-op nearby who can pitch in?

Here is an article from Mayo Clinic that speaks to donor nephrectomy [kidney donation] and gives guidelines for post-donation as well. https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/donor-nephrectomy/about/pac-20384867

How is your friend doing these days?