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Is depression permanent?

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I was taking Lithium for 32 years along with Cymbalta for about 10 years for bipolar depression. I had 3 of my parathyroid glands removed at the end of April 2021 because the Lithium was destroying them and my calcium levels were high. My calcium and parathyroid hormone levels have been normal for 2 months but I am still very depressed. The lithium has been replaced with lamotrigine and depakote. The cymbalta with quetiapine and trintellix. My doctor also tried some other antidepressants but nothing has worked. I also take Ativan for anxiety. I am a 68 yr old female and I am wondering if anyone out there has a similar experience and what combination has worked for them.

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@bobby00 Hi and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Going from 2 medicines to 4 must have been a big change. There are a significant amount of members that have had similar experiences which is why I moved your post to this discussion. I wanted you to be able to connect with with people like @jesfactsmon, @marjou and @lorirenee1

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Do you currently have a therapist that you are seeing to discuss the medication and its lack of effectiveness?