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Hello zenk and so many other familiar names. I remember your handle from the first time I was correctly diagnosed after 7 years. You were so helpful. And you were right it just keeps coming back. I have been taking Trental for the last 7 years and still having some major outbreaks. I am in one now, both feet and for the first time on one leg just above the ankle area and very close to the bone so it is excruciating to say the least and just won't heal. So, my questions for the group are two fold. Should I still continue with the Trental while the ulcers are active and the other is has anyone tried oral sulodexide? I recently saw a report or study and there was significant improvement. I am in Canada and we cannot get a lot of meds that others can so any help on this would be awesome. I will see my GP in 2 weeks and it looks like the sulodexide is available in Canada.
Crossing all my T's before I see him.
Merry C.

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Hi Ms. Merry, Sorry about your current trouble with LV. Your post is interesting , I saw this article in the annals of dermatology re:Sulodexide. It was a Korean study by CH Song in 2020. Maybe you can find it on the internet . It seems to work like a blood thinner. Do you take xarelto now? I think a vascular doc or maybe a dermatologist would know more. I'll keep looking. I wish I had seen you post sooner. What did you GP say about you ulcers? Take care ,I have thought of you over the years. I have had 11 yrs. now of surgeries and skin grafts ,difficulty walking and lots of pain , but just now am in a good spot with no new sores for 6 mo. I dread going into cold weather. Keep in touch.Zenk

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