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Blood dried Blister on lip

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For the first few days I am afraid I didn't put anything. I didn't know exactly what it was appearing on my lip.
After few days I understood it was a cold sore.
I got myself today a Zovirax cream.
It doesn't look swollen.
It looks brownish, looks like it's empty inside, it doesn't feel anything when I softly touch it but around that blister is bit red from the scratch of the new skin underneath.
I don't know if I should apply that Zovirax cream on my dry blister I feel like it will fall if I touch it, or let it go by itself.
Should I try taking a picture?

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It actually sounds like it’s just a scab waiting to fall off at this point. Hang onto that zorivax cream for the future. If you get that weird feeling on your lip again or a sign of eruption you’ll have that cream ready to go.

But for now, the scab might let go by itself. You can try putting a little Vaseline petroleum jelly on it. That way the scab will soften and also it will keep the area protected while continuing to heal. But from what you’re saying it really does seem like it’s pretty well healed already and just waiting for that scab to drop off.

Would you feel better sending a picture? It’s fine if you’d like to.