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Well, I completed the Health History Questionaire, and to my disappointment, the Living Donor Team informed me that, due to some factors in my health history, I am not eligible to be a donor at this time. I did email them back as to whether they could provide me with a fuller explanation of their decision, as they provided no specific details.
At any rate, it appears I am out of the running.
I would like to express my thanks to the several people on this forum who were kind enough to give me help and direction during the very early stages of the donor process.

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@cowguy It is disappointing to hear, isn't it, when you want so much to help.

Last December my sister offered to be evaluated as a potential kidney donor to me. It was an honor to hear that from her, but ultimately we could not proceed because I am an active cancer patient. I did ask her to consider going ahead with a altruistic donation, but she reneged on that.

Your posts have given people food for thought, had others step up with valuable information, so that in itself is a win-win. And your situation reminded people that wanting to do a donation is not always feasible.

Cowguy, I agree with @gingerw. I know this is disappointing, but you are now an informed advocate for organ donation. You can help encourage others to consider organ donation and you'll know where to send them if they would like to meet others who have been there and where they can find more information.

Organ donation isn't the only way you can help. I'd love for you to add your thoughts and ideas to this discussion:
– What ways you can help when you can’t be a living donor? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/what-ways-you-can-help-when-you-cant-be-a-living-donor/