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Was "only" an Iridotomy" referral from my Optometrist; Ophthalmoloigst… she did it and I left office. I have read should wait fifteen minutes to check? Month later Covid had closed Optometrist so Ophthalmologist saw me again as I was getting some double vision. Her staff did some normal tests but my eye pressure was not taken; my angles were not checked.
Dr. had told me over phone beforehand, dont worry your angles are nice and wide…how would she know without checking in person? My Optometrist shied away.
Anyway before I left her office she said to me: you have the eyes/vision of a 20 year old I am 77) and when I asked about the double vision when looking at objects close but seeing objects in background double (and vice versa) she said, its age-rleated. I agree, and of course not all eye drs. the same, but there doesn't seem to be much accountability for follow up or further issues.
I think getting copies of medical notes from our files might be useful, if any are made/kept?
GOOD IDEA OR NOT…. BEFORE procedures, ask the referring doctor: should I have issues after the surgery/treatment, "who" will take care of me you or the referred doctor?? and get it in writing or have someone with you.
I know especially through Covid it has been difficult for all medical professionals, and most are amazing: but as patients, we need to know the risks and who will be responsible should there be a negative outcome to some procedures, shouldn't we? Or are we to be just left to our own resources?

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Hi @lacy2 I read that your vision is that of a 20 year old. Congratulations, that's wonderful!

You make a great point about obtaining your medical records. Good idea! Each patient is certainly entitled to their records. Although there are incredible doctors out there, sometimes we are left to our own resources. That is called self advocating. You are your best advocate and you should always follow your gut.

I'm sorry to hear of your double vision. I have battled it as well, and it is no fun. Are you still experiencing double vision @lacy2 ?

yes we should. My husband was seeing a dark spot on his eye and was sent to an optometrist who told him that its like the sun on the horizon and if certain things happened to come back. Well certain things that she told him didn't happen however his retina was detaching. After eye surgeries and appts. his vision is not great. He is lucky to see at all. I was so angry. He now goes to an opthmalogist that keeps tabs on his eyes. I am a retired nurse but have always said to myself if I am not happy with a doctor and don't feel right or feel like my questions are not answered then I will change doctors. My husband had an event at the table and I knew something was not right. I went with him to his doctor because I saw it and he didn't know what happened. I won't repeat what I am thinking right now but when I left I was very mad. His dr. was wishy washy and didn't do anything. So when he had his second event and fell on the floor I saw he was doing the same thing. I told him he was going to my cardio dr no ands ifs or butts. I made an appt with my cardio doctor and she did ekg they said his heart rate was below 46. She checked everything. He had Bradycardia. He ended up with a pacemaker because the pacemaker in his heart was dying. My husband has had to change drs and he does not like change so I know what needs to be done. I have had patients tell me their doctor is GOD. No he is not. Everyone makes mistakes and so can doctors. It can be very disheartening when things happen or don't.