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Who is using this device and what are the pros and cons?

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Otis used this device for about 10 months while he was getting every other week infusions of Avastin. His MRI's showed tumor decrease during this time until the 10th month when it showed an increase. If you look through all my posts for Otis, I had given a summary of the Optune Cap and even posted pictures. They are still on the site.

Thank you so much for the information. I am new to the site and considering Optune. Do you and your husband feel like using Optune was beneficial to his health?

Thank you for the information. I am doing very well. My next option is Optune so that is why I am trying to gather information so I can make an informed decision.

I use it. In theory it can prolong life but not way to quantify the quality of life. To carry the unit is a pain. Battery life only about 2.5 hrs. Can make scalp burn at night. Support staff mainly refers questions Bach to ruing Dr. Doctors with limited experience.
I have been on it 3 weeks. Longest sleep cycle has been 😭 6 hrs. Staff has obviously not needed to wear a unit. They need a sleep center to teach patients how to live with this development device. Alarm goes off almost every 2/ hrs some nights. Sleep and pain Rx should come. With unit. Pelican case advertises a valuable item in your hatch back. Case needs a security cable to lock in car. Also needs a car adapter for long drives.