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I have a liver and a kidney transplant. I was able to get the Zostavax, a live vaccine before I was transplanted. After my transplant when the nonliving vaccine, Shingrix, became available, my transplant team advised me to get it. It is 2 doses at 6 months apart.

Both vaccines are approved for adults age 50 and older for the prevention of shingles and related complications. I was 60 when I got my transplant, so age wise, I qualified. @athenalee, Did you get the Zostavax or the Shingrix?

@pinkpam, Do you qualify (age 50) for the shingles vaccine? Why don't you discuss this with your transplant team because we are patients and have only our own experiences to rely on? Will you let us know what you find out?

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Just a quick FYI…From what I’m finding in my searches, Zostavax is no longer available in the US.

I received the Zoster, two shots, last spring/summer; I was 61. Not a pleasant reaction…so, glad I got it out of the way. But certainly better than shingles.

Hopefully with the newer vaccines being “non-living” and more transplant recipients, like you Rosemary, receiving it post-transplant, it’ll become universally authorized.