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Is it ok to get the shingles shot while this co-vid is running around ? post kidney xplant 23

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Hi @pinkpam Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We’re a community based forum sharing our stories and experiences to help each other find answers to questions and offer encouragement.

Congratulations on your kidney transplant! Not sure what you mean with the# 23 after xplant. Was it 23 years ago? 23 months? Either way, it’s great you’re doing well!

It’s probably best to consult your transplant office/nurse practitioner to get the answer to your question about getting the shingles shot because they know your health history and would be able to help you make the right decision.
However, from experience I am a bone marrow transplant patient and I just received both Shingrix shots within this past year and also both Pfizer Covid vaccinations. So it can be done during the Covid pandemic. The only thing caveat was that I had to wait 30 days after each Shingrix shot before I could get any other vaccinations. So if you’ve recently had the Covid vaccinations you’ll need to wait 30 days after that shot as well.

Have you had your Covid vaccinations?

Lori is correct…definitely make sure you speak with your transplant team. I’m a liver transplant person and our handbook advices against getting the shingles vaccine after transplant. That’s why I had to get it before my liver transplant.