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Medical marijuana and restless leg syndrome

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@merpreb and all....
Need to add one thing to the message just sent to you....I am now taking Requip, ropinirole, as you mentioned. I take 2 tablets an hour before bed.

Wow, what a huge help this is! I am almost able to keep my legs still much of the night. No longer have the pain, movements, irritable feelings in my legs. It's for me a wonder drug.

I also found after the second day taking Requip, I walk more easily, can lift my legs better, they don't feel like tree trunks and 1000pounds heavy, feet lift and don't walk as stiffly as before. It helps the dopamine in my brain in some way that indicates I may have some Parkinsonism according to neurology. I don't care, but I'm thrilled. It also helps reduce tremors, and fogginess.

What a change in my life from just this one drug. I'm so thankful. Add that the the help from the other areas, I consider myself so blessed. Hope you get the good results as well, Merry.
bless you and all.

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@merpbreb, @kilnaboy74
Note: using tincture, measured dropper at night, in equal combination, getting no high at all...just pain/anxiety/sleep, etc relief, is what I'm after and this combo in this form does wonders for me. I don't smoke MM. Perhaps there's better control? Don't know, but it works well And, I think it best for most of us to avoid putting some foreign smke,etc in our lungs. I can't, as I have Vasculitis and the lungs are vulnerable. So, tincture.
Merry, have you spoken w/Chris,@artscaping about her thoughts? I think she might add some insight as she has done a lot of research and found a good route for her pain control.
Hope you folks find yours...elizabeth