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Your best tips for raw food safety post transplant.

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I am almost one year post liver transplant…congrats to us both!

I walk 2-4 miles each day, plus I do some Tai Chi/Qigong exercises. I also do a lot of foot exercises, standing on my toes, hoping, etc. as I have neuropathy and it’s supposed to help. I like to dance and move while cooking, doing dishes, and just to get in more movement. I’d prefer dancing to loud rock music than trampoline or something like that. As long as your kidney doctor says it’s ok, the most important thing is for you to do the exercise or activity you like to do.

I started doing Zumba last winter, but was told not to as it is too strenuous. I didn’t mention my dancing, but I try not to get too wild. When I see my liver doctor in the fall I’ll revisit the topic as I live in Vermont and I don’t do snow stuff.

I too have a hernia. It has grown some, but doesn’t hurt…so, I pleasantly ignore it. And, I have osteoporosis…ugh. My endocrinologist didn’t have trouble with walking, but said not to do any wild stretching. I’ll ask her about Zumba and dancing too. Probably a good idea to ask your endocrinologist as well, particularly about jumping.

Due to Sjogren’s I have constant back and joint pain, which is worse as the day wears on. But, walking and exercise is supposed to be healthy so I do it first thing in the morning. Definitely ask your doctor though about exercise and sciatica.

There are people in my liver support group who do running and hiking. In fact one of them runs in the transplant olympics. So, onward and upward as they say!

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Thanks so much for the exercise ideas! I love to walk outside, but currently Florida is soooo hot everyday! I also love to dance... That's a great idea. I think I will turn on some loud rock music too...and revisit some of my 1974 Bruce Springsteen dance tunes. 🙂 Another question- do you eat dessert? Lately, I crave dessert every night after dinner but I am also trying to watch my sugar and fat content. (I think the whole Florida covid epicenter is stressing me out!). I have been eating Weight Watcher popsicles, yogurt covered raisins, pretzels, marshmallows as different nightly ideas for dessert... Do you have any favorite desserts or treat ideas? I know you try to eat super healthy! 🙂