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No answers from the ophthalmologists at U of I. They just say the cataracts were perfectly removed and replaced. They gave no referrals or direction. I have seen the surgeon who did the work a number of times. Her response was to see one her partners. I am so unhappy with the situation.

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Thank you for posting this. I don't feel so alone. My eyes are in pain and burning 24×7 in addition to sciatica, oral lichen planus and lichen planus all over my body. Burning in privates so they think I may be developing lichen planus there too. When I called for my eye dr's on call, the nurse said I should use the mineral oil drops that burn my eyes until I wash my face. If I use at night it burns all night long. The nurse said there's nothing more they can do and to see a naturopathic dr. Normally any PF free eye drop helps and doesn't burn but she said to use ones with mineral in it that burns my eyes like the dr recommended and there is no chance of my losing my eyesight, it's just severe dry eye. I have also developed over the past couple months burning from head to toe that does not go away. My pain pill reduces the burning but never totally takes it away, like my sciatica. My hands lock up so i cannot type or open doors, bottles, practically everything. I am able to type if I take frequent breaks and use pain meds. I have tried every anti-depressant and anti-psychotic/anxiety medicine and I always have reactions, my body is sensitive to drugs. Thank god it doesn't react to the small amount of pain pills I receive for my sciatica. Please, any help. The on call nurse said the eye dr's can't do anything more, only a holistic dr. Any help anyone can offer. Usually if you put something in your eyes and it burns for hours until you take it out it's your body trying to tell you something, isn't it? Like if I'd put bleach in my eye. thanks for your time.