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Second Opinion for lung nodule biopsy

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Hi! I am new to this and glad I did sign on. I had a CAT Scan done because of a rare form of skin cancer and from this scan, my oncologist shared that I had a 12 mm nodule on my upper left lung back in March 2021. On July 23rd, I had to have a chest X-Ray of my lungs because I had a chest cold of sorts and my nurse contacted me a week later saying that the nodule is at 1.3 cm. I am having a PET scan in September…no phone call yet as to when. Has anyone else had similar?

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@markleh– Good morning and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Oh, dear another type of cancer? So many people, me included, have found that we have a "spot" on our lungs this way, Your nodule has grown but just a little. It's around a 1/2". You are lucky that it has been found early. I think that after your PET your doctor will determine whether a biopsy is needed and possible. (that is that it is in a place that is accessible).

Are you thinking of getting a second Opinion for your lung biopsy results? I'm wondering if you would like to join the skin cancer group and lung cancer group?

– Skin Cancer https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/skin-cancer-1/

– Lung Cancer https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/lung-cancer/

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