Skin Cancer appears sporadically on different parts of the body

Posted by debdan @debdan, Mar 13, 2019

HI-What does it mean when skin cancer appears sporadically on different parts of the body

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There’s no rhyme or reason for the cancer appearing in those locations. It’s more common with people with low vitamin D3 levels.


Hi @debdan — I am Dee. I had "Melanoma" a number of years ago and my protocol includes seeing my specialist at the Inova Schar Cancer Institute (Northern Virginia) every 6 months to have every inch of my body checked (including my scalp!). I have had a few "suspicious" areas removed and examined; however, none was Melanoma or a different skin cancer.
I wonder if you can explain to us what type of skin cancer you are inquiring about, and which parts of the body? Perhaps you can tell us your story? It would help us to provide better information. Rest assured you are in a "safe" community. Everyone I have ever met in the different groups has been very supportive and helpful.
-Sending a Smile and a Hug! Dee

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