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Medical marijuana and restless leg syndrome

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@kilnaboy74- Good morning. It's nice to meet you. I also have restless leg syndrome and I take ropinirole. I was told to take it at 5 PM as that is the most effective time. My experience says that that helps, but if I have a breakthrough and take an extra one immediately it helps.

I have not found that CBD oil helps me at all except for anxiety. And I don't take THC because, unlike my younger days, I don't like the high, at least not where my head is now. And I haven't tried any creams. I feel that too many people offer too much snake oil to make a buck.

If you have a breakthrough what do you do?

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@merpreb , @kilnaboy74 @colleenyoung and all.
Merry, I am 74 and never tried any MM at all until 2 years ago! I definitely do not ever want the 'high' or wonky effects, I don't even drink alcohol for that reason. So, if I'm using MM it's because it really works for me. And, it does.

I have anxiety, of course, lots of pain from firbo, arthritis over my body/all joints, herniated discs in lumbar/cervical/one repaired w/cement procedure at T12. add Sarcoid and pain from autoimmune illnesses, sinus infection that's leading to surgery and is presently causing serious headaches and other pain, etc. So, I've tried a bunch of stuff.

By using the 1:1, CBD/THC tincture, 1 dropper at night....250mg each, about an hour before bed, with some CBD 800mg cream as needed on my hands/wrists/etc, and Robaxin 750mg 3x daily, I no longer take Lyrica, Oxycodone, Gabapantin, 800 mg Ibuprophen 4x daily, etc. I'm only using Robaxin, occasionally Voltaren cream, CBD cream, Frankincense and Myrrh balm, and MM tincture. It seems to be a good combination for me at this moment. It also gets tweaked a lot as needed. If I'm more active, or have a new infection which happens very often as my immune system is quite messed up...I've learned, thankfully, and with a lot of help from the Connect folks, that using these different products and methods at different times, seems to work.

So, let me urge you to reconsider, if you still need some help. I've changed my thinking so much now and am thrilled with the results. I'm off 'hard-core' prescription drugs, it seems to me to be a good direction for me.

Wishing you well in this journey. Bless you and may you have a painless night.

@merpreb and all....
Need to add one thing to the message just sent to you....I am now taking Requip, ropinirole, as you mentioned. I take 2 tablets an hour before bed.

Wow, what a huge help this is! I am almost able to keep my legs still much of the night. No longer have the pain, movements, irritable feelings in my legs. It's for me a wonder drug.

I also found after the second day taking Requip, I walk more easily, can lift my legs better, they don't feel like tree trunks and 1000pounds heavy, feet lift and don't walk as stiffly as before. It helps the dopamine in my brain in some way that indicates I may have some Parkinsonism according to neurology. I don't care, but I'm thrilled. It also helps reduce tremors, and fogginess.

What a change in my life from just this one drug. I'm so thankful. Add that the the help from the other areas, I consider myself so blessed. Hope you get the good results as well, Merry.
bless you and all.

@merpreb, RLS and sleep apnea are serious issues for me because of the lack of quality sleep. So when you ask what I do if I have a breakthrough, my best reply is before MM use, I just suffered. Augmentation would set in any time of day, even at 9 a.m., though I would take pramipexole (same class as Ropinerol) at 5 p.m. Nothing would take away the RLS until I tried MM. Now I can sleep 6-7 hours straight. And my apnea dropped from 7-9 times per hour to 2-3.

Again, I wonder what the short and long term use of MM will do to my cognitive thinking and memory.