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Your best tips for raw food safety post transplant.

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Thank you @loribmt for all of the good info! I am on tacronlimis and Cellcept so I will look for cooked foods too! I like your hot chicken sandwich idea. I am headed to Jacksonville Mayo where my transplant took place. It's such an unbelievably wonderful hospital! I am a little concerned about the covid surge in Jacksonville since I will be driving four hours and staying at a hotel (with no antibodies). My plan is to just continue to be SUPER careful and stay in my room between doc appointments. By the way,...a different topic...did you experience any hair loss with Tacronlimis? I am definitely shedding!! Just curious if you heard any transplant or Tacronlimis patients' remedies for hair loss?

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@hello1234, You have re-introduced a very important topic for discussion for transplant patients. For us 'oldies' food safety and travel have become a habit. However for the 'newly' transplanted members, like yourself, there is much to be gained by sharing with each other while you are experiencing your first footsteps into your post-transplant life. I am happy to share some relevant discussions.

How do you stick to your dietary plan when traveling for medical care?

Tips: Traveling to Mayo to get medical care safely during COVID-19

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We’re worried about going to Florida too! We generally spend winters there and missed last year because of Covid. We were prepared to be heading back in October. But now, with the surge again and the ‘powers that be’ not encouraging compliance, we’re really leery about heading down.

For your quick visit to Mayo though, you should be fine just following your normal stringent precautions for Covid. When we’re at any hotel we take along a container of Clorox or Lysol wipes. Both my husband and I know the routine. We start with each room and go around wiping doorknobs, doors where we’ll touch, horizontal surfaces of counters, tables, light switches, water faucets, tv remotes…and give the toilets a wipe down too. Since my transplant we even take Lysol spray to nuke around the toilet and floor, shower curtain. Yup, sounds severe but it has kept us safe. Oh, and do NOT drink out of the glasses in the bathrooms unless it’s the plastic cups sealed in a baggie. Take some Dixie cups along… Only takes a few minutes and then you’re not left wondering about safety. The clinic will require masks and have sanitizer everywhere! They’re so cautious you’ll be fine there.

Not sure I had hair loss from Tacro. I lost my hair 3 times from Chemo. Took a while after the 4th round to have it make a reappearance. I’m on such a low dose of tacro that I don’t think it’s having any impact on my hair.
I do know that any surgery, illness, anesthesia that could disrupt the growth cycle of hair will take time to regenerate. You might just be going through that phase of loss with no regrowth yet.
We have other members such as @ladydidehart, @gaylea1, @jolinda who have had success with Biotin. Their discussion is here in transplant an anti rejection med discussion. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/comment/308556/

I had severe hair loss from Tacrolimus. I started taking 5-10,000 mcg/day (highest recommended dosage). My hair gradually stopped falling out shortly thereafter. Since my Tac dosage has been reduced I now take 1,000 mcg biotin/day. My hair is healthy and growing nicely.

Be sure to stop taking biotin at least three days prior to labs, and a week prior if you are having thyroid tests (TSH), as it interferes with the lab results,