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Your best tips for raw food safety post transplant.

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I’d be much less concerned with eating the micro greens from your local farmer. He’s seems pretty attuned to the bacterial issues. If you wanted to go the extra step to safety, you could do a soak in some vinegar water and spin dry. (Salad spinner)

What to avoid (or what I’ve been told to avoid) would be the sprouts or pre-washed lettuce and veggies in bags from commercial sources or pre-cut veggies and fruits from a grocery store. Especially chopped iceberg lettuce in bags. They seem to test high in bacteria. Also still on my no-no list are any deli meats unless heated to 160 degrees…which defeats the purpose of cold cuts and tastes awful! LOL And of course, avoiding buffets or raw foods where I don’t know the cleaning process.

We use packaged fresh spinach soaked in vinegar water first. Most of our spinach is sautéed or eaten in soup anyway. Leaf lettuce I generally wash each leaf after soaking the head in v-water.

No way will I eat at a potluck unless it’s food I make myself or really know the cook! It’s no biggie. I grew up going to church pot lucks with my mom gently touching my wrist and almost imperceptibly shaking her head if I was reaching for a spoon in a dish of unknown parentage. Her quiet action screamed, “Don't touch that!” Haha! As I got older, I appreciated her behind the scenes knowledge of the cooks!

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Hi all,
Love this discussion...it's so helpful to a first year transplant like me! Question - do you ever eat soup out at a restaurant or cafeteria? If so, do you ask them to microwave it to make it steaming hot or is it okay as served? Also, I have my annual Mayo visit coming up. What kinds of things do you order at their cafeteria or small restaurants for lunch in between doc appointments? Thanks everyone!!!

Thanks as always Lori! I do have to chuckle though, even though I know it’s serious. Guess I’ve been lucky so far.

I’m assuming you do your vinegar rinse for lettuce…even if it says it’s triple rinsed? I only by local, organic and typically hydroponic mixed greens. Probably double bad! Ugh.

I actually read a research paper on microgreens, which makes me concerned now. So, I’ll heat them when I eat them. They are definitely safer than sprouts though.

My traveling days to Mexico are certainly over…wouldn’t want to get giardiasis again!