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Skin Cancer/Squamous Carcinoma

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I had a kidney tx in 1978. Everything has gone well and I’ve lived a great life longer than I expected. But am still here for the fight. I’m on medrol and Imuran and have reoccurring skin squamous cell cancers. They just get removed biopsies and more removed if necessary but they are reoccurring fast 8 in 2 years. I’m on niacinimide omega 3, sea Buckthorn and just started lutiolin. Dr. Have reduced my imuran researched solutions but to no available. Any similar stories?

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I have several squamous cells, they ended up doing chemo injections in legs snd arm, all healed except left leg, I had a wound that woukd not close , did 3 biopsies, first positive second negative snd third positive, they sent me to wound specialist for a MOH th started me on clindamycin 300 bid for 20 days, they had no luck with it snd sent me back to dermatologist, who decided I needed a MOH specialist, Dr Lim took two layers off shin and closed it back, after 3 weeks, back for stitches removal, area, very painful to touch, she doesn’t know why it is so inflamed told me to come back in 2 weeks, the 19th will be two weeks! In meantime I sent a message to my dermatologist asking if I should go somewhere else, she said Dr had spoken to her snd they think my reactive squamous is back in the same spot, I have been going thru this since last June 2020, I have called Mayo in Jacksonville, hoping I can get done answers

Hi Pamela, Congratulations on 40+ years with a new kidney. Transplant recipients are more susceptible to skin cancer. @threerrr3 also has a similar experience with liver transplant and skin cancer.

@jolinda started this discussion about sun protection and transplant patients that you may wish to add your tips to.
- Anyone have tips on sun protection? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/anyone-have-tips-on-sun-protection/

You must have to keep a watchful eye on your skin. Are the lesions usually caught early?