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Repeat urinary tract infections: What can I do?

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I have utis on the average of 3 to 4 times a year for about 18 years. It all started after a vaginal hysterectomy. I was told I don't have IC, but my doctor did several years ago do an ice water instilliation and it did work for almost a year. Over the years the utis were mostly Ecoli, but in the last few years, I get rare bacteria. Over the years I had 3 Urethra scopes and found nothing bad. My urologist sent me to pelvic floor physical therapy at least 3 times over the years, sometimes it works, sometimes not. Utis and pelvic floor pain have almost same symptoms and sometimes I wait too long and the uti is raging, that itself can be serious. I have a 4 mm nonobstructed kidneystone and my Uro Doc says if there is no pain, don't worry. I have been doing some nvestigative reading myself and found an article of a 72 year old woman with a nonobstructed small kidneystone that was infected with the same rare bacteria I now get. She has recurring utis also. The article never really said what the outcome was, but what if this kidneystone is infected and passes the bacteria to my bladder and bringing on recurring UTIS. I'm miserable and at times feel is life worth living. I just need a doctor who is more understanding. It seems he is now pushing me off to the NP in his office. I hope I have not rambled too much and I do thank you for answering my comment. If there are people out there that can enlighten me on this condition, I will sure be willing to hear of any options available. I have considered seeing a Mayo Clinic doctor. I have a friend that traveled fron Cincinnati Ohio to Florida wih numerous health problems and gave her all the right answers. I'm becoming desperate. Thank you for listening.

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It sounds to me like you don't feel confident in the care you are receiving and that is a very helpless feeling. If that was my experience, I would seek another opinion to validate my feelings and better understand how another provider would treat me and my symptoms.

Are you closer to MN, FL, or AZ if you were to consider requesting an appointment at Mayo Clinic?

Why don’t you ask to have the stone pulverized?