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Lori, thank for the encouraging words. Her advise was the same as yours but I know it’s a matter of time. Being apart of this group will help me process changes when they come about, until then live my life.

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Hi Carl, those are sage words, “live my life”. It’s really the best choice for any of us. If you think about your comment that “it’s just a matter of time”, you’re right! For any of us, whether we have cancer or are perfectly healthy. The old, “I could be hit by a bus tomorrow” rings true. Your CLL bus is pretty far down the road right now.

I had AML which is CLL’s much more aggressive and evil stepmother. I no longer fear the worst because I fought that battle and so far I’m meaner than she is! Living the life I have right now is a gift. Yours is too! I allow myself a grim fleeting thought on rare occasions and then move along. I’ll face whatever happens head on, when and if the time comes, not before.
I encourage you to do the same. Keeping busy is a great distraction. What is it you enjoy doing in your free time?

I’m really happy you’re part of Connect too! There are over 70 groups on any medical subject imaginable. Active CLL may not be your concern right now but I’m betting you have some great life experiences that might help other members in our forum. Just Want to Talk, is a fun group where members come together to share stories, photos, and just sit with a cup of virtual coffee.

May I ask what you were searching for that brought you to Connect?