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Is he on social media a lot?
Being that your boys an adult already I’m not sure how a parent could handle that. But I have noticed some things in common with a lot of kids- TikTok, fb, Snapchat and whatever other platforms they’re getting hooked on and buying into everything that’s said like it’s the Bible. I hope you’re able to figure this out. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this.

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@kris84 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I see this is your first post here. Although this discussion thread has been dormant for quite a while, you bring up a very valid concept as it relates to our younger folks.

Electronic media seems to be a real deterrent to forming healthy in-person relationships. I see this often, and it is very pronounced in the son of a neighbor. He has such a difficult time relating to people, and even carrying on a conversation with me! But put him in front of a computer/gaming module, and he does fine. It is a fine art to learning how to respond to others in real time.

While we wait for others to chime in with their thoughts, would you share what brings you to Mayo Connect?

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