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Gallbladder(?) Concerns

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I do understand your problems and the pain because I'm having the same issues right now. I had my gallbladder remove on 6/9/21 with complications, so they had to open me up. The surgeon cut the bile duct in 3 places, and cut the liver as well. Now, 7 weeks later, I'm still in a lot of pain, and my liver is swollen, hot and hurts. Leaky bile duct affect all organs inside my abdomen, even the bladder, so when I urinate I get some relief from pain. Swollen liver presses against my right lung making breathing hard and short. Just had the blood work done 4 days ago, and 6 out of 13 tests are bad ! showing liver inflammation, disease, etc. My surgeon removed 3 drains from my abdomen 2 weeks ago, and a few days ago pain intensified. Waiting for tomorrow so hopefully I can be seeing by the surgeon while very nervous, panicking, etc. I'm on antibiotic for all 7 weeks now, my fever is from very low to 102 and back to 97. I'm very worried about my liver and all things associated with the botched surgery. Did anybody else have similar case, and how did it end up ? Ver curious, nervous waiting for answers.

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Hello @jerzy and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. This has to be very worrisome for you, along with painful. I would be very focused on knowing if you have any fluid (i.e. bile) leaking into your gut causing this pain and inflammation.

As a result of your tests so far, has your doctor confirmed if anything of the sort may be going on? Were all your drains draining clear liquid prior to removal?

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