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My cataracts were removed in January 2020. Both eyes were extremely nearsighted since age 2. I wore contact lenses for over fifty years. Since surgery both eyes hurt nearly all the time. I have spent hundreds of dollars on glasses that work for reading but pain results quickly. I am not a candidate for contact lenses. Reading is difficult at best. I have been to several ophthalmologists, including at the University of Iowa.

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Hello @gocy and welcome to Connect. We’re a group of individuals who share our health conditions and resources, and what has worked/not worked for us. But, we are not doctors so we can’t diagnose or prescribe medications.
And you’ve had this eye pain for over 18 months now? That a long time to be experiencing pain! What has the eye surgeon said and how is he treating it?

I am not receiving any treatment. My primary has prescribed a pill for seizures. The pill prevents bad headaches and facial pain,but doesn’t help the eyes. The surgeon has not been helpful from the beginning.

Was the seizure med he gave you Topamax by chance?

Sorry that you are suffering like this! I'm also a longtime contact lens wearer and would hate to give up wearing contacts. What did the ophthalmologist at the University of Iowa tell you?

Hello @gocy. I'd also like to send you a warm welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am sorry you are experiencing difficulty post-surgery. I am hopeful you will be able to connect with members like @sunny1971 whose husband experienced pain post-surgery as well and may have some additional information she can share as a follow up since her last post in April.

I also see members like @becsbuddy, @jakedduck1, and @pacer3702 have all joined as well so I will let you all continue to connect.

Cataract surgery is often categorized as routine. My experience and that of other patients reflect cataract surgery as having many potential adverse results. Are patients apprised of these risks prep operation so more informed patient decision can be made?